NUMEV Seminar #9 : « Evolutionary adaptation of quantitative traits : some mathematical models and recent advances » – Sepideh Mirrahimi, IMAG

The next NUMEV seminar will take place on Friday, April 7 at 11am at Amphi A36.01, Campus Triolet.

What : « Evolutionary adaptation of quantitative traits : some mathematical models and recent advances » – Sepideh Mirrahimi, Institut Montpelliérain Alexander Grothendieck (IMAG)

When : 11am on Friday, April 7 + Lunch

Where : Amphi A36.01, Building 36, Campus Triolet, Rue du Truel, University of Montpellier

Open to all researchers from all disciplines. Registration is free but mandatory.


Understanding the interplay between mutation, selection, interaction with a structured environment, and the role of such evolutionary mechanisms in the adaptation of species is a major objective of evolutionary biology theory. Such phenomena have been formalized mathematically since the early stages of the development of this field.

In this talk, I will present some mathematical models from quantitative genetics, a theory in evolutionary biology that investigates the evolution of continuously varying characters (traits). I will present some new progress in this field in a regime of small genetic variance, often called “weak selection” in the biological literature, using recently developed mathematical tools. The mathematical studies in this presentation are centered around the asymptotic analysis of non-local partial differential equations. The techniques developed within this framework allow to study various scenarios, for instance considering temporal or spatial environmental structures, or different reproduction modes.

For more information on the speaker, Sepideh Mirrahimi : see here.