Séminaire EXceptionnel NUMEV Lydia Bourouiba

  • Type d'évènement :
  • Dates : 19 décembre 2023
  • Horaires : 10 AM
  • Lieu : Amphi Moreau - Bât 2, Campus Saint-Priest, Montpellier

Les Séminaires NUMEV sont ouverts à un large public d’étudiants, étudiantes, chercheurs et chercheuses de toutes disciplines, qui souhaitent en savoir plus sur les domaines de recherche actuels de la communauté NUMEV-MIPS (Mathématiques, Informatique, Physique et Systèmes) ou sur les possibilités de développer ses compétences et savoir-faire.

C’est un honneur pour notre communauté d’accueillir Mme Lydia Bourouiba, pour un séminaire exceptionnel :

Fluids & Health

Lydia Bourouiba est Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
The Fluid Dynamics of Disease Transmission Laboratory | Fluids and Health Network  | MIT  | USA

Retrouvez ses travaux : http://lbourouiba.mit.edu/home

In the framework of the flagship project SATIS granted by the labex Numev, we are inviting the prof. Lydia Bourouiba from MIT. Prof. Bououriba is a world expert in fluid mechanics especially focusing on the interface of fluid dynamics and epidemiology. Her group aims to elucidate the fundamental physical mechanisms shaping the transmission dynamics of pathogens in human, animal, and plant populations where drops, bubbles, multiphase and complex flows are at the core. She uses a combination of theoretical (applied mathematics, including differential equations, linear algebra, nonlinear dynamics, waves and stability) and experimental approaches (flow visualization, high speed imaging techniques, microscopy, image processing) to elucidate the fundamental physical mechanisms of transmission of nosocomial diseases, respiratory diseases, waterborne diseases, and foliar diseases where fluids are ubiquitous and to design and formulate new control strategies.

She is a world class scientist that has been at the forefront of science during the COVID pandemic. Her 2018 TED MED talk on transmission has been premonitory and shows the depth of her questioning and work. We believe that it will beneficial to the community of Montpellier that she comes and gives a talk on her lastest research.

Tuesday, December 19th, 2023 at 10AM + lunchAmphi Moreau, bât 2 – Campus Saint-Priest- Montpellier

If you are a PhD student at I2S Doctoral School, attending this seminar can be validated as complementary doctoral training : check the box in the registration form.

Please feel free to spread the information. The seminar is open to all. We look forward to seeing you there !

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