1st international conference on Blood-Tissue Interfaces, 3-4 October 2022 in Montpellier

The1st international conference on Blood-Tissue Interfaceswilltake place in Montpellier (Planet Ocean) on 3-4 october 2022.Registrationsare open till the 30th of september.

This event will be conducted by a group of international highly skilled scientists and researchers from several areas of expertise. They will present their works in a spirit of knowledge sharing.

The workshop is intended for the medical, industrial and engineering communities but also anyone wishing to participate and contribute to this interdisciplinary scientific event.During this workshop, synergies, discussions and interactions are encouraged between the various participants and speakers.


Topics:Blood, arteries, veins, vessels phyiology, microcirculation, morphogenesis, artificial blood, endothelial cells, organs on chip, biomaterials, angiogenesis, circulating tumor cells, bioengineering, biomarkers, virology, microfluidics, ….


Attendees: Biologists, physicians, engineers, biophysicists,… Researchers and Students. Academia and industry

Call for poster proposal: the deadline for poster submission is26th september.

=> Find more informations,full program,venue and registrationinformations here :https://bti.sciencesconf.org/