Séminaire NUMEV : « Soft tissue biomechanics for computer-assisted medical interventions » – Vendredi 7 octobre à 11h

Le prochain séminaire mensuel du LabEx NUMEV est organisé par lePI Assistance au Geste Chirurgicaldu LabEx NUMEV.

Soft tissue biomechanics for computer-assisted medical interventions

Yohan Payan, TIMC Lab, Université Grenoble Alpes / CNRS, Grenoble, France

When : Friday, October 7 at 11am + Lunch

Where : Amphi Moreau, Bat 2 (LMGC), Campus Saint Priest, 860 rue de Saint Priest, Montpellier



Yohan Payan’s research interests concern the biomechanical modeling of soft tissues in the context of Computer-Assisted Medical Interventions. The underlying idea consists in collecting the 3D geometry of organs and in modeling the way these organs deform when in contacts with other tissue or in mechanical interactions with external devices. Yohan Payan and his students (more than 35 PhD supervised) have worked on biomechanical Finite Element modeling of human brain, face, tongue, breast, lung, spine, sacrum, buttock, knee and foot, in various medical contexts. The lecture will give an overview of these models while focusing on the main challenges researchers are facing,i.e.the automatic generation of patient-specific models of organs and the integration of simulation tools into medical devices enabling real-time computations of these models.


Human soft tissue modeling, Finite Element analysis, numerical simulations, hyper-elastic models, computer assisted medical interventions.

About the speaker : Yohan Payan

CNRS Research Director, Yohan Payan is the Head of the Grenoble BIOMECA team (Biomechanics of human soft tissue and materials– 25 people) at TIMC Laboratory (www.timc.fr/– 300 people). He is the Associate Editor of theClinical Biomechanicsjournal (https://www.journals.elsevier.com/clinical-biomechanics)and will chair the annual congress of the Biomechanics Society planned in Grenoble in October 2023 (https://sb2023-grenoble.sciencesconf.org).